Pohnpei Skirt - new design

$ 85.00

Pohnpei hand-made skirts. Pohnpei's craftswomanship at its best. All our new designs are on this page. View our other designs HERE.

JADESA is proud to be the exclusive online distributor of these top quality skirts, made by none other than the Thomas sisters (Oroko & Enoleen). If you appreciate the detailed quality distinctions of these skirts, then you know the best Pohnpei skirt designers/tailors on Island. This is the only place you can find these skirts online. You can find and buy a Pohnpei skirt all around in Kolonia Town in Pohnpei and even online in some Facebook pages. But none of those come close in quality. If you are looking for the best Pohnpei skirts made by the thoroughly skilled local designers/tailors, you've come to the right online shop. 

These skirts are customized and made based on a "Make To Order" system. We take pride in making these skirts and so it usually takes 2 or 3 days to complete one of these labor intensive, top quality, and unique skirts. Some designs are impossible to fit onto the small sizes (22L x 25W) and so may differ slightly, but still just as perfect. 

The JADESA logo on the images is for copyright purposes only. It will not be printed on the skirts.

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