About Us

The name JADESA comes from the first two letters of the first names of the Owners' three children: JAsmine, DEstiny, and SApwkini. 

JADESA is a family owned business and has been in the export business since 2010. Over the last few years the business operations expanded into Finance Services. With the diversification model, JADESA now focuses on expanding its export operations by targeting the Guam, Hawaii, and US Mainland markets. Our main export products are sakau products, coconut oil products, and black pepper. To meet our current model, we are availing other products that are not easily found in other markets, especially Guam, Hawaii, and US Mainland. We are here to connect our customers to anything and everything in Pohnpei. If what you are looking for is not listed in our product lists, simply contact us with your particular request and we'll ship it USPS Priority. We are here as means for your needs. After all, this is "where all ends meet". 
My business story

We’re in the business of delivering top quality and unique products and services

Posted by JADESA on Saturday, March 19, 2016