Online Money Transfer

Transfer money Online. It's Convenient, Affordable, and totally Secure. Send money
Online from anywhere in the world to family and friends in Pohnpei, FSM. No need to leave your office or your home in order to send money to family and friends in Pohnpei. Send any amount securely and conveniently using one of the most affordable methods with just a few clicks/tabs on you desktop, laptop, IPad/tablet, or smartphone.
How To Send Money To Family & Friends In Pohnpei (receiving services currently available only in Pohnpei, FSM)
    1. Click on "Add To Cart" button at the bottom of this page (note: no shipping cost for this transaction). 
    2. In the "Your shopping cart" page, change the quantity amount to the desired amount.
    3. Click on "PayPal Checkout" to send money with your PayPal account or click on "Check Out" button to send money with your debit/credit card.
    4. Fill in the Billing & Payment details in the next window using your Debit/Credit Card or PayPal Balance.
    5. Complete the transaction.
What's Next
    1. A payment notification of the money you sent will be automatically and immediately emailed to JADESA. 
    2. Take note of the Invoice or Transaction Number and Invoice Amount and email or Facebook message them to the receiver (family/friend). 
    3. The money you sent will be instantly available for payout.
    4. Have your family member or friend (receiver) call JADESA at 320-2791 to make payout / pick-up arrangements. 
    5. Service Fee will be deducted from amount received before payout.
      • Please have receiver (family/friend) brings
          1. Invoice and/or Transaction Number
          2. Invoice Amount
          3. Valid ID (Passport, Driver's License, or State ID)
    Fee structure (how much it costs)
    1. $ 0.00 cost to the sender
    2. Cost to receiver: Receiving service fee is 4%+10.
      Click on "Add to Cart" button below to send money:

      Below is sample of "Your shopping cart" in next page: