Sakau (kava)

$ 18.50

Pohnpei has two noble sakau plants (piper methysticum), Rahmedel and Rahmwanger. If you like the Pohnpei pepper, you will definitely like the Pohnpei sakau for the same ways and reasons.

The sakau is available for both small and bulk purchasing and in four forms: frozen, fresh, dry, and powder. The powdered sakau is available here. Please contact us for more information regarding our other sakau products.

We only buy and process mature, strong, and top quality sakau plants. The sakau plant is harvested, cut in pieces, and thoroughly washed and cleaned.

Frozen Sakau: Once the sakau product is thoroughly washed and cleaned, it is pounded and vacuum-sealed. 

Fresh Sakau: After the pieces are washed and cleaned, the pieces are cut into smaller pieces for overnight drying. 

Dry SakauAfter the fresh pieces are washed and cleaned, they are cut into smaller pieces, milled into chips, and sun dried for longer shelf life. 

Powdered Sakau: The sakau plant is cut into pieces, thoroughly washed/cleaned, pounded, dried, and ground into fine powder form. These are produced in small batches to control and maintain the quality. We have this available in 4oz and 8oz bags.

Please note that only the powdered sakau is available online. Contact us for prices or for more info on the other sakau products.

You can also buy Pohnpei powdered sakau from Root Of Happiness in California, U.S.A. These are lab tested for authenticity, potency, and purity.

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