POHNPEI: Pwuken Kadaudok

POHNPEI: Pwuken Kadaudok

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Kaselehlie maing,

Pwe koaros en kak mwahngih de patohwan ire kan me sansal pah, kawehwe kan pahn sansal ni pato mengei. Ihieng.

POHNPEI - Pwuken Kadaudok. Pwuhk wet mih ni lokaiahn Pohnpei oh e pidada oaralap waluh (8). Oaralap pwukat iei Pilepilenpwong, Pilerehre, Lepinkahs, Lepin Mahsen, Soaipoad, Ngihs, Wiepen Tiahk Oh Soahng Teikan, oh Ire Kesemwpwal Teikan.

Pwuhk wet sohte isepe de pweipwei (FREE). Mehmen sohte lipilipil me men iang nainiki pwuhk wet kak download nah ehu copy me mih nan PDF format.  

En sansal me kosonned en copyright sohte mweidada emen en copy de distribute pwuhk wet ni mwohmw sohte lipilipil (met sansal nan iretik kan nan copyright page me mih ni tapin pwuhk wet). Kahrehda pekipek karakarahk wiawihieng koaros me men iang nainiki en kalahngan oh pein download pein nah, pwe ahd oh contact info kan me pahn alahldi kan en kak sewese apwalih anahn akan me pid report kan ong project wet. Iretikin project wet oh soahng teikan koaros sansal nan pwuhk wet. Ma mie me ke ese me men iang nainiki, menlau pekihda reh en pein download pein nah pwe en iang kileledi ong nan record de file. 

Pwe ken kak download, ke pahn

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Kalahngan oh ni wahu.

Book Summary

This book, which is written in the Pohnpeian language, documents some of Pohnpei's disappearing oral traditions and traditional culture. It includes proverbs (lepinkahs), archaic expressions (lepin mahsen), chants (ngihs), legendary tales (soaipoad), and other knowledge (e.g., Pilepilenpwong, Pilerehre) in crucial need of preservation for future generations. This book is for children and adults, on Pohnpei and overseas. It is meant to enhance cultural pride and empower communities.

You can download a free copy in pdf format. Paperback format also available in Amazon.com for $5.38. Please note that there are no royalty fees.

 For information about this project, please see the original Facebook post.

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