Roasdi Marked

Sakau On The RockSakau (kava) is often described by many as "the perfect drink". You get all the good stuff without any negative effects to health and society. The sakauEnjoy The Journey feeling is so pure and undescribably wonderful that it takes you to anywhere in the world your mind wanders off to. We at Roasdi Marked always prefer, not the destination, but the journey. They say that to truly experience all that Pohnpei has to offer, you must visit (1) the Nan Madol Ruins (the first World Heritage Site in Micronesia), an astonishing depiction of Pohnpei's history and culture, and (2) Roasdi Marked, an incredible experience of Pohnpei's tradition and everyday evening way of life. Their uniqueness can never be found anywhere else in the world but Pohnpei. Before Pohnpei bids you farewell, wander into the unparalleled Nan Madol Ruins and end your day's adventure with the best sakau drinks in the world at Roasdi Marked and "enjoy the journey".

Roasdi MarkedRoasdi Marked is an all you can drink "on the rock" sakau bar located on the water-front in the PAMI area between Coco Marina and the Japan Embassy. Give us a call at (691) 320-2791 or email us at 

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