Paradise Pearls

Paradise Pearls is a Pohnpei based company making high quality gold and silver pearl jewelry.  Each of our pendants, earrings and rings is hand crafted in Pohnpei. 

Producing beautiful pearls requires a unique relationship between the farmer and the environment. True black pearls are only produced by the black-lip pearl oyster (pinctada margaritifera), which occur in abundance in Micronesia’s crystal clear tropical lagoons. The pearl production process begins when a highly skilled technician gently "seeds" the oyster to make a pearl. Mother nature and the loving care of the farmer then do the rest. The newly formed pearl grows inside the oyster, laying down layer after layer of lustrous nacre for a minimum of 18 months before it is harvested. 

Black pearls are not always black in color but can be green, blue, silver, gray, and even
white. The distinct mother of pearl characteristics of black-lip pearl oysters produces pearls in a myriad of colors and hues, making every pearl unique, and is responsible for the so-called "peacock" colors found only in black pearls. The distinct characteristic of the oyster also creates pearls in many different shapes so that only a small percentage is actually round.  Because nature is not perfect, very few pearls are also free of surface blemishes so small blemishes are to be expected on each pearl.  Pearls above 12 mm in size are also considered to be exceptional and rare.