Family Assistance

Because of our strong Pohnpei family ties, sometimes families and friends living far away from Pohnpei want to help families and firends in Pohnpei in a funeral (mehla), wedding (kopwopwoud), cultural/traditional event (kamadipw en wahu, kamadipw en kousapw), graduation (kesepwul), or other family functions.  These needs for assistance (sawas) often times come in cash and/or in kind. JADESA offers both options here:

  1. In-cash assistance: To send money to family and friends in Pohnpei, please use our Online Money Transfer services HERE
  2. In-kind (goods) assistance: Buy any of the goods below and have a family member or a friend in Pohnpei picks them up from JADESA. Please see instructions below:
    1. Add the items to the shopping cart and complete the order process. An email will be sent to us (and a confirmation email will be sent to you) once the payment process is completed successfully. Please input the name of the recipient in the NOTES section during checkout.
    2. Email or Facebook message the info to the recipient in Pohnpei.
    3. Advise the recipient to call us at 320-2791 between 9am and 6pm to arrange for the pickup.
    4. Recipient visits us at the MHC building in the PAMI area, next to Coco-Marina, and picks up the goods.